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The morning breaks

To the sound of messenger birds,

As you call out,

"If I’d never let go only the lord knows

Where I could be now.”

She will stand guard over you,

Protecting your body from those

Who are not what they say.

As the light bleaches bones,

And darkens the skin.

Dried leaves, brought forth

By a wild hurricane, 

Are trampled under foot.

You wade in and bathe yourself

In a dream

From which you

Will struggle to awake.

The old rhythm rumbles,

Stretching out across frozen ground,

Signaling for a day

Ready to start over again.

Something Ancient Welling Up
A reject piece for a Playboy article.
A preview from my upcoming book.
Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
"If you’re not angry, you’re either a stone or you’re too sick to be angry."
-Maya Angelou
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Romulus & Remus